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Volunteering at DVHS

PTA Volunteer Waiver:
California State PTA requires all volunteers to sign the volunteer waiver for anyone participating in PTSA-hosted activities, including volunteering for wildcat registration. Please
sign your waiver by filling out the google form.

Student privacy FERPA video:
We ask that PTSA volunteers to view an important Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 3-minute video addressing student data privacy before volunteering. 
As a volunteer, you have a role in protecting student information you may become exposed to while volunteering. The video explains some of a volunteer's responsibilities to help keep the student information they work with private and secure. Please take time a moment to view the 3-minute video prior to volunteering for registration or any other PTSA activity this school year.

DVHS PTSA Activity Waiver

For insurance purposes, an annual PTA waiver is required to participate in any PTA-sponsored event throughout the year. Please complete this form for students (and family members, as appropriate) each year during online registration: