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Textbook Office Hours

The Textbook Office is open to students at Brunch and Lunch Monday - Wednesday.

It is not open before or after school.

The textbook clerk is on campus:

Monday - Wednesday:

8:15am - 2:45pm

Thursday - Friday: CLOSED

Textbook Office

Updated Textbook Info Revised 7-30-18



12th Grade: Monday, August 6  4:00pm - 6:00pm

11th Grade: Tuesday, August 7  4:00pm - 6:00pm

10th Grade: Wednesday, August 8  4:00pm - 6:00pm

9th Grade & New Students: Thursday, August 9  4:00pm - 6:00pm


Available for students:

  • who bring a student ID card
  • who have clear textbook and library accounts
  • who are confirmed as enrolled in the class


Grade 10: Modern World History

Grade 11: The Americans (US History)

Lost or Damaged Instructional Material Liability:

Information from California Education Code (EC) regarding damage to student-issued instructional materials.

EC Section 48904(a)(1) holds parents or guardians responsible for the cost of replacing a textbook that is willfully defaced or not returned:

  • Parent or Guardian is responsible for the COST of replacing the book but not purchasing a book to replace the lost or damaged book.
  • Instructional Materials used by the district is usually state specific edition rather than national edition, which is why we require payment for the cost of the book.
  • Avoidance of discrepancy with instructional materials missing chapters, state specific information and district inventory.

Textbook Tips:

If a student checks out a textbook or novel from the Textbook Office, they will be held responsible if the textbook is lost or damaged. Per District policy, we cannot accept purchased copies to replace a lost or damaged book.  Student will need to pay the fine.  Refunds are issued for fines paid on lost books which are later found.

Make Textbook Fines Payment

Textbook Checkout Policy

Textbook checkout policy is consistent across the San Ramon Valley Unified School district high schools. During the school year textbooks may only be checked out if the student is currently taking the class. Textbooks are available for use while the student is in the DVHS library. Most textbooks are available for in-library use in the Contra Costa library at Dougherty Station in San Ramon.

Here are some other ways you can access/purchase the textbooks used at DVHS:

  • Check the SRVUSD Adopted Textbook list. This link provides the titles and ISBN codes of all of the textbooks by subject in the district.
  • Buy or rent your own copy of the textbooks at:
    •  Click to see pictures of most of our textbooks.
    • eBay
  • Use the textbooks at the Contra Costa County Library. There are copies of almost all of our textbooks at Dougherty Valley Station. They can be used for up to two hours while in the library. Click  Booklist  to see what is available.

Questions? Please contact Miss Rizza Day at

Textbook Clerk

Miss Rizza Day Sphicas is the DVHS Textbook Clerk.  

She can be reached at:


Rizza Day