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Kristin McCollum

Team Parent

Charlene Billareal

21-22 Song Team

Ashlie Perzigian

Asia Pinzon

Ava Vehemente

Ava Villareal 

Chiara Luu

Chloe Lee

Ellysa Duong

Hilary Wong

Kayla Phan

Kylie Perizigian

Kylie Twomey

Lauren Wong

Makayla Ranola

Mia Juni

Mira Joshi

Tara Devera

Twisha Chawla

Song Team

Congratulations to the members of the 2021-2022 Song Team

2018-2019 Song Team
What is Song Team?

Song Team is a dance team that was established at DV in 2015. Favored dance styles are jazz and hip hop. The goal of Song Team is to provide spirit at school, community, and sporting events. Song Team is a fall and winter sport with performances at football games, basketball games, and school rallies. Tryouts take place in the spring.

Song Team Funding

Song Team is supported by the DV Athletic Department, but receives no money from the school or district since it’s not considered a California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) sport. Thus, while not mandatory, team member donations through monetary contributions and participation in fundraising efforts are crucial to Song Team’s survival at DVHS. See "Team Donations" in the right hand margin for payment details. 

Team Donations  

Donations to the 2021 Song Team can be paid via AthleticClearance registration

Matching Funds

Many employers match employee charitable contributions, so when you donate to DV Athletic Boosters and direct the funds to benefit Song Team, your employer may match your donation to the team. For more information, look here