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Counselor LOR

Please see your counselor's Google Classroom for packet and directions.

Senior Class Info


Transcript Request for Colleges

Midyear Transcripts and School Reports

Most private colleges request applicants to submit midyear reports. Check the application requirements for each college to which you applied and if needed, use the linked form below to submit your requests.

**Midyear transcripts/reports should not be requested on Naviance.

Midyear Transcript Request form

Many colleges request initial transcripts from students.  Please see below for instructions to request transcripts.  See your counselor with specific questions.

  1. Determine which schools require initial transcripts to be sent.                                                                                        *Remember, UCs and CSUs do not need transcripts to be sent, unless a campus has contacted you specifically and requested your transcript.
  2. Log into Naviance Student.
  3. You must waive your FERPA rights in order to request a transcript (this is the pathway to find it: Naviance homepage-->"about me" tab-->"my surveys"-->"Surveys not started"-->DVHS FERPA).
  4. Once your FERPA is waived, Click on "Colleges" tab
  5. Click on "colleges I'm applying to"
  6. Click on "Manage Transcripts" and add your requests
  7. Track the process to see when your transcript has been sent

College Applications &Post-High School Plans

Your Counselor is here to help you!!!

All seniors should have access to their counselor's Google Classroom. This is how all letter of recommendation information and college application assistance will be communicated.

Senior Naviance and Post High-School planning video

Getting Help with FAFSA and CSS

Helpful Info for College Applications

School Code: 053-218

Class of 2021 size: 802

SSID: Can be found on your transcript

DVHS Does Not Rank

SAT Score Sending Info:

-Students are responsible for sending their own official score reports

- For CSU campuses, use code 3594 and it will send to all CSUs

- For UC campuses, send scores to one campus and all will receive them

Please Do Not Request Transcripts FOR UC and CSU, they don't want them.