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PTSA Senior Scholarship

Dougherty Valley High School PTSA Senior Scholarship Award DVHS PTSA Scholarships

Spirit of Leadership - Class of 2019

College or trade school bound students)

Applications Due: Monday, 8th April, 2019

Various Scholarships Available (from $500 to $1500)

Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Minimum 3.0 unweighted high school GPA
  • Student must be a PTSA member in order to qualify. Email if unsure of membership status. If not a member, staple $16 membership fee and filled PTSA membership form to application packet. Payment in cash or check payable to DVHS PTSA.
  • Attach a copy of most recent transcript.
  • Please print in ink.  If needed, attach a separate page to include all information requested here.
  • Application
  • Transcript
  • 200 Word Statement (see below)
  • Letter of Reference (see below)
  • Additional requirements below.


Attach a separate typed sheet of paper with your response to the following:

Since PTSA is an organization of volunteer leaders, we are interested in learning about activities that demonstrate your leadership spirit in your school, community, church, etc.  In no more than 200 words, focus on one activity and elaborate on why it is important to you.  For example, how has this activity benefited you or others, how have you made a difference in a club or organization, what effect has your service had on your own life.

Please attach a letter of reference from someone who is familiar with you and your leadership spirit.

This application is due no later than 8th April, 2019. Staple all pages together and submit packet to Jennifer Wright in the Career Center. Scholarship recipients will be announced in May.

Application Checklist:

*The California PTA Honorary Service Award program helps, among other things, fund PTA High School Scholarships.

Congratulations 2017-18 Winners:

  • Edwin Mui - First - $1500
  • Meghan Burr - Second - $1000
  • Isabella Jia - Second - $1000
  • Alison Martin - Third - $500
  • Rahul Reddy - Third - $500
  • Brandon Shi - Third - $500

Congratulations to the 2016-17 Winners:

  • Micheal Yao - Awarded $2500
  • Melieka Fathi - Awarded $2500