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Reflections Art Program

2020-2021 Reflections Art Program

The 2020-21 Reflections Art Contest theme is... "I Matter Because..."

Children of all ages can submit art in different categories including:

Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, Visual Arts/drawings.

Learn more by watching this video: DVHS submission deadline will be in October 2020. Details and how to submit will be available by August 2020 on the DVHS PTSA Reflections page.

2019-2020 Reflections art Program

2019-20 Theme: Look WithinReflections FlyerReflections Look Within

Congratulations to the 2019-20 Reflections Winners!

These DVHS Entries Have Advanced to the SRV Council of PTAs Reflections Showcase!

Huge congratulations to all the participants of this year's National PTA Reflections program!


"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see". Edgar Degas

It was delightful to see the myriad of interpretations of the theme 'Look Within'. A big thank you to all our wonderful judges for taking the time out to judge the entries.


1st Place - Amritha Selvarajaguru, "Expecting Me", Grade 11

2nd Place - Ruchir Baronia, "The Greatest Present", Grade 12

3rd Place - Jyothikaa Ramann, "Hope", Grade 10

Honorable Mention - Meghna Sudhakar, "Animals Inside of Me", Grade 11


1st Place: Naina Sabbineni, "Beauty of Nature: Look Within a Dew Drop", Grade 10

2nd Place: Avani Gireesha, "Through the Looking Glass", Grade 10

Music Composition:

1st Place - Darshita Prathap, "What Makes Me Right", Grade 9

2nd Place - Advait Ranganathan, "Cry For Help", Grade 11

Visual Arts:

1st Place - Janie Yoo, "Perfect Vision", Grade 9

2nd Place - Giana F Kong, "Cycle", Grade 11

3rd Place - Sanjana Kumar, "A Hidden World", Grade 12

Honorable Mention - Ji-Ihn Park, "Amalgamation Imagination", Grade 9

Honorable Mention - Ashley Lam, "Under the Mask", Grade 12

Honorable Mention - Anushree Banerjee, "Stuck Within", Grade 11                  

Entries moving forward to the Council Showcase:

Literature - Amritha Selvarajaguru, "Expecting Me", Grade 11

Photography - Naina Sabbineni, "Beauty of Nature - Look Within a Dew Drop", Grade 10

Music Composition - Darshita Prathap, "What Makes Me Right", Grade 9

Visual Arts - Janie Yoo, "Perfect Vision", Grade 9

This year's council showcase marks the 51st year of the PTA Reflections program. All are welcome and cordially invited to attend the San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs Reflections Showcase. Entries moving on to the 32nd District Showcase will be announced. The Council Showcase will take place Friday, November 15, 5:30-7:30pm at Gale Ranch Middle School MPR.

Also visit to learn about prizes and scholarships. 

Questions? Contact DVHS Reflections Committee Chair, Deepti Gupta.

2018-19 Reflections Art Program Showcase

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018-19 DVHS Reflections Art Program:

Sejal Govindarao - 1st 
Abby Yuan - 2nd
Stella Lin - 3rd
Akanksha Ravi - Honorable mention 
Mahika Arya - Honorable mention

Elizabeth Schwarz - 1st
Tristan Guerrero - 2nd
James Tian - 3rd
Mlkhail Melaku - Honorable Mention 
Evgeniia Sukhodolskaia - Honorable Mention 

Saige Headley - 1st
Shaheer Sandhu - 2nd
Valerie Huizar - 3rd
Olivia Hamm - Honorable Mention 
Rhea Farrior - Honorable Mention 

Shiksha Sharma - 1st
Kory Zhang - 2nd
Bryan Mui - 3rd

Young Kwon - 1st