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Why Join the DVHS Parent-Teacher-Student Association ("PTSA")?


On a state and local level, working together, PTA/PTSA promotes the welfare of children and youth in home, school, community, and place of worship; raise the standards of home life; secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth; bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth; and develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for all children and youth the highest advantages in physical, mental, social and spiritual education.

At DVHS, where does your PTSA membership money go? Below is a representation of how DVHS PTSA dollars were distributed.

DVHS Membership at Work

DVHS Income Sources





Expense Income


Become MemberYOU CAN HELP!

PTA membership is open to everyone: It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent, student, educator, business leader or community member. If you care about kids, JOIN PTA!

Locally, DVHS also works to provide or participate in the following:

  • Teacher Grants to support requests of teachers and staff to support curriculum and meet the needs of students on campus;

  • Senior Scholarships for graduating students, particularly ones who demonstrate leadership, commitment and hard work;

  • Hospitality lunches for teachers and staff, particularly designed to celebrate our multicultural diversity through nourishing meals;

  • Sister School Programs to raise funds or gather donations to support underprivileged sister schools in need;

  • Parent Education workshops hosted on campus and at PTSA meetings to provide parent information and engagement and to showcase school departments accomplishments and information;

  • Inclusion and Diversity programs and information to help welcome all and foster an inclusive school and community;

  • Reflections Arts Program fostering and encouraging participation in all the arts, from the school level through the national level;

  • Legislative Advocacy for education, students and families, including education funding, safety, privacy, and new voter registration drives;

  • Red Ribbon Week activities and information to help create awareness of healthy choices and a drug free campus;

  • SRVEF Run for Education to raise money for schools and teacher grants and to participate in a community-wide gathering of students, families, teachers, staff and community members to celebrate education in our community;

  • Health and Wellness and Campus Climate programs and initiatives, including hosting student education workshops to foster a positive campus climate, advocating with and for students to promote health, safety and wellness, supporting student wellness awareness, including creating a crisis center sticker visible to students, and providing funding that supports a healthy and safe campus, including funding picnic tables for students to have a comfortable place to eat and engage with each other

  • Communications and Newsletter engage the community and inform families of school activities and deadlines;

  • Student Directory published to connect students and families;

  • Collaborates with and serves as a liaison to teachers, departments, staff, students and DV community to inform, engage, advocate and otherwise meet the needs of the school community;

  • Community Education Events with guest speakers to educate parents and students on relevant topics; below are examples of speakers and topics from 2017-18:

    • School Admin Officers,

    • School Resource Officer (discussing topics like latest drug trends, prescription drug abuse and prevention);

    • Leadership (Breaking Down the Walls);

    • Assemblywoman Catherine Baker;

    • DVHS College and Career Counselor;

    • College Connect Counselors;

    • "Coping with Family Transition" presentation when children leave for college;

    • "I Can" student presentation;

    • "School Community Stress" project presentation;

    • "School Campus Safety" presentation;

    • DVHS Traffic Coordinator,

    • DVHS Teachers, counselors, student speakers and more. 

  • Serve as a liaison to San Ramon Valley Council of PTA’s and San Ramon Valley Unified School District;

  • Membership PTA Perks;

  • Let your voice be heard, as we advocate for every child;

  • And more!

All of the above is only possible with an engaging parent community, generous donations and your yearly memberships.

Become Member


Become a member and support the above programs.


Do I have to volunteer and attend meetings if I become a member?

Absolutely not, PTSA warmly welcomes all students and families to attend and to volunteer.*


*In some cases, membership is required to volunteer for certain elected positions.