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Rick LaTorra


Rick LaTorra


Position: Social Science Teacher

Courses Taught: AP Government, Government, Economics


E-Mail Address:



  • High School - Woodside High School, Redwood City, CA
  • College - UC Davis (Undergrad); UCSB (Graduate)
  • Credentials - Social Science and Spanish Credentials; Bilingual, Engish Learner and Technology Certifications



I come to DVHS after having taught in San Jose, Daly City, and El Cerrito. I spent the last 4 years working
with a charter organization (Summit Public Schools) where I used technology to accelerate student growth
in cognitive and life skills. I'm excited to bring that experience to DVHS.

Teaching is my second career after spending many years in the government and non-profit sector. My
work gave me the opportunity to work directly on issues that I'm passionate about and afforded me the
ability to live in states and countries as diverse as Georgia (USA), Nicaragua, Wisconsin, Honduras, and
the Dominican Republic. I believe that my previous career gives me a particular subject expertise that
translates directly to my teaching.


Teaching/Educational Philosophy:

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." - Mark Van Doren


Personal Notes:

My wife (Anahita) and I are married and expecting our first child.