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Teacher Appreciation

DVHS Teacher Appreciation - Breakfast and Wish List Fulfillment. Show Appreciation by Gifting an Item From the Wish List before April 17

At DVHS, we are celebrating our teachers on April 17th with help from the PTSA!

Let s Say Thanks to TeachersWe ask that parents recognize the significant contribution the teachers make for our students by fulfilling their wish list requests. In addition to delivering your thoughtful and important wish-list gifts, the PTSA will host PTSA will host a teacher/staff breakfast on April 17th.

Thank you DVHS Librarian, Kerri Knapp, for setting up the Amazon Wish List and coordinating with the teachers to compile their needs and "wishes." PTSA will assist in delivering the wishes we hope you will help grant during the week of April 17.

Will you help grant a wish or two?

This year, we have our biggest wish list ever with over 350 individual items requested. Many items have multiple quantities needed, taking our total list to nearly 800 items!

As our school grows, and our staff grows, so too do our teachers' needs grow. What is striking about this Wish List is the wide-range of items needed, as it shows just how diverse our campus is. From books on best teaching practices, project-based learning supplies, flexible seating, and iPads, to posters that motivate and educate, to art supplies, educational games, movies, and more - the needs are wide and far reaching.

A few things to note about the Wish List:

  • Items purchased will automatically be shipped to DVHS. We will deliver the items to teachers.
  • If an item is a DVD or book, we will place a custom book plate for the teacher inside.
  • Please write a note in the "gift card" section that includes the teacher's name and your name! We want to make sure all gifts get to the right person! This is VERY important!
  • The name of the person who requested the item is in the comments section. You can search by name, but make sure you have the list fully extended and are not just searching that page.
  • If you don't have a preference for a teacher, please consider selecting items for the Library as it will benefit ALL DVHS students. 

It's no secret that the teachers at DVHS work hard for our students and our community. We hope you consider granting a few wishes as a way to say thank you and to show your appreciation. Any messages you write on the "gift card" will also be passed along.

Amazon Wishlist

To check out the Wish List, click HERE.

Thank you PTSA Members and Supporters! You Make a Difference!

Our PTSA volunteers and supporters have made a difference -- through donations, through advocacy and through many, many volunteer hours. We look forward to working together in the coming year. Your donations, your time and your voice make a difference! We are proud to highlight some of the accomplishments of our PTSA in 2017-18:

  • Spent $15,000 to fund student lunch picnic tables to foster connectedness between students, improve culture and create a safe and comfortable place for students to eat comfortably with friends during lunch.
  • Awarded 5 (five) DVHS High School Senior Scholarships, totaling $5000.
  • Awarded $6300 in DVHS Teacher/Staff Grants.
  • Supported the SRVEF community Run for Education, which raised funds for DVHS.
  • Worked closely with DVHS teacher representatives and staff to support academics, climate, communications and more.
  • Worked collaboratively with College and Career Counselor, Vice Principal, Principal and other Booster Groups to ensure smooth execution of school related tasks and priorities.
  • Improved school-wide communications through newsletters, social media, website and Peachjar flyers.
  • Hosted numerous presentations and guest speakers throughout the year, including:
    • "Coping with Family Transition" presentation when your child leaves to college;
    • "I can" child presentation;
    • Assemblywoman Catherine Baker;
    • School Community Stress Project presentation;
    • School Campus Safety presentation;
    • DVHS Traffic Coordinator;
    • DVHS College and Career Counselor and College Connect Counselors;
    • DVHS Admin updates;
    • School Resource Officer (latest drug trends, prescription drug abuse prevention; and
    • DVHS Teachers, Counselors, student leaders and more!
  • Sponsored "Words Matter Week" in coordination with the Inclusion and Diversity Committee and the school district.
  • Coordinated and promoted student participation in the National Reflections Arts Program - encouraging entries in art, music, dance, photograph, video and writing.
  • Collaborated with Interact club to host a multicultural event.
  • Coordinated donations for our Sister School in coordination with leadership students.
  • Coordinated and hosted four (4) teacher/staff luncheons.
  • Supported student leadership in hosting the "Breaking Down the Walls program."
  • Supported safety and improve traffic flow by coordinating the creation and distribution of a traffic map.

PLEASE JOIN US IN MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN 2018-19! Join PTSA and be part of the largest and oldest advocacy group in the nation and in our school! Whether you simply want to join, to donate or to volunteer, we appreciate your support!

PTSA Membership

DVHS Calendar

Monthly DVHS PTSA Meetings (2018-19)

DVHS Library, 7-8:30 pm

August 21 - Dave Kravitz, Principal

September 18 - Safety Presentation

October 16 - Substance Abuse

November 6* - Stress Free College Planning 

December 18 - TBA

January 15 - College Prep Info

February 12* - 2019-20 Course Selection and PLI Options Presentation by Counselor Jessica Coulson

March 19 - Elections

April 16 - Mindfulness Workshop

May 21 - TBA

*Date moved due to holiday schedule

High School Voter Registration

California State celebrated High School Voter Education during the last two weeks of April. To encourage and support local students and schools, Contra Costa County has created a free, mobile texting tool just for high school students. Using this program, Contra Costa County students 16 and up can preregister and those 18 and older can register to vote.

1-Text your school name to: 2Vote (28683)
2- Receive a reply text with a link to quick, easy voter registration tools.

Additional election-related resources specifically for younger voters (mock elections on youth-oriented topics, poll worker opportunities, HS voter registration drive ideas) can be found on the California Secretary of State website.