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Jeffery Silverman



Jeff Silverman


Courses Taught: Computer Graphic Arts; Design for the Web; Yearbook; Computers 1-2 


Email Address: 



  • High School:  Alameda High School
  • College:  U.C. Davis, B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Credentials: Fortune School of Education. Single subject credentials in Mathematics, Physical Education, Industrial and Technology Education; and Business (Marketing and Information Technology).

Background: Prior to becoming a teacher I worked in technology and business including: entertainment and educational software development and publishing; IT services; wireless technology; web site design and development; internet-based real estate services; and business consulting. I played volleyball in college and thereafter, and coach high school and club volleyball. I am an advocate of the arts and serve on the board of directors of a regional theatre company. 


Teaching/Educational Philosophy:

Life philosophies: 

  • Find things you love to do and do them
  • You can do most anything if you are determined, resourceful, and persistent
  • Look for the good in everyone
  • Treat everyone with respect and kindness
  • Keep your natural curiosity and learning will be a lifelong endeavor with rewards beyond your wildest dreams
  • Take pride in everything you do and always do your best.
  • Eat healthy, get exercise, and take care of yourself
  • Keep smiling, have a sense of humor, and enjoy life

Personal Notes: I have a wonderful family and I love to spend time in the Sierra Nevada.