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Molly Topf

Topf Molly


Molly Topf


Position: English Teacher

Courses Taught: English 9, English 12


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  • High School: Concord-Carlisle High School, Concord, MA
  • College: Kenyon College, Gambier OHBA - English/Sociology
  • Credentials: University of Denver, Denver CO, M.A. Education


Background:  I grew up in Concord, MA, as the oldest of five children. After high school, I traveled to Ohio to a small liberal arts school called Kenyon College, where I played tennis and spent my junior year abroad in southern France and London. After graduation, I moved to Denver to earn my graduate degree and begin my teaching career.  After five years, I earned a Fulbright grant to teach and do educational research in the Czech Republic.  I have been at DVHS since it opened in 2007 and absolutely love being here.


Teaching/Educational Philosophy: I believe all students want to learn and do their best, and it is my job to find a way to make them interested. Teenagers are smart, passionate, honest, and interesting; it is an honor to be a small part of their lives in this stage.  As an English teacher, my primary academic goals are to teach students how to communicate effectively and read well.  I want them to make real world connections and to understand how what they learn now will serve them well after graduation.


Personal Notes: I live in Dublin with my husband Mike, and my two children- Lucy, who is three, and Jason who is five.