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Annie Nguyen



Annie Nguyen


Position: Science Teacher

Courses Taught: Honors Chemistry, SDAIE Chemistry, AP Environmental Science (2015-2016)


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  • High School: Redondo Union High School, Redondo Beach, CA
  • College: UC San Diego - B.S. Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution
  • Credentials: UC San Diego - Secondary Science Credential / Master of Education


Background: I grew up in a lower-middle class neighborhood of Los Angeles and was one of the few Asian-American students at my school until I went to UC San Diego, where I suddenly became part of a large majority of students. I fell in love with science as a child from reading Eyewitness Science books, watching Bill Nye the Science Guy on TV, and begged my parents to take me to museums. Being the pragmatic Vietnamese parents that they were, they opted to feed my curious brain with more books, indulged my love of science, and dreamed that I would turn this interest in science into a career in medicine.

Fast forward to college when I found my passions in teaching and had to convince my folks that a career in education would bring me the most fulfillment in life. They were... concerned, to say the least. But we have since then reached an understanding and I am having an amazing time teaching here at DVHS!


Teaching/Educational Philosophy: 

The Hippocratic Oath, which all healthcare students take, states "Primum non nocere"-- First do no harm. First and foremost, I am here to educate and support my students-- academically, socially, and emotionally.

I remember what it was like being a high school student and feeling overwhelmed with weighted classes, extracurriculars, and later, college applications. I wasn't a straight-A student but I knew when I needed to ask for help. My teachers always did their best to not discourage me from science or math by encouraging me to stay motivated and think creatively to find solutions. I try to apply this memory to my teaching practices by seeking areas that my students have trouble with and trying to find ways to help them overcome their struggles. Anyone can learn science and anyone can do it well with the right strategies and supports.


Personal Notes: 

My own high school chemistry teacher always said "If you can cook, you can do chemistry". I've taken that seriously to heart and spend most of my free time cooking, baking, and studying food-- the interactions between ingredients, the social and cultural roots, and the innovations that brilliant chefs all over the world are making on classics. I love bringing what I learn back into the classroom as real-world applications of what we are learning.

Any free time not spent in the kitchen is spent playing reading books, playing video games, listening to music, and exploring the Bay Area.

My idols are Julia Child, Christina Tosi (Founder of Momofuku Milk Bar, my favorite bakery EVER), and Ms. Simun and Mrs. Dillard, the two teachers who most influenced me to continue their legacy of great science education for life.