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Craig Stewart


Craig Stewart


Position: Math and Engineering Teacher

Courses Taught: Geometry and Principles of Engineering


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  • High School - Heritage High School (Littleton, Colorado)
  • College - Cornell University (B.S. in Mechanical Engineering), UCLA (MBA), CSU East Bay (Teaching Credential)
  • Credential - Single Subject - Mathematics


Background: It has been widely noted that many of us will have multiple careers in our lifetime.  Count me in!  I started my work life as an engineer, switched to corporate development for technology companies, became a strategy and corporate development consultant, and I am now in my sixth year as a teacher.  It’s been a great career.  I have been fortunate to experience a wide variety of different roles and to learn from many exceptional people.  I am very excited to be teaching at Dougherty Valley with its vibrant community of students, teachers and administrators.


Teaching/Educational Philosophy: Math is sometimes viewed with skepticism by many students.  “Why do I need to learn this?” and “What will I ever use this for?” are two frequent questions.  My answer is that math is an incredible field for strengthening your ability and confidence to solve complex problems and think logically.   In addition, it has a direct application in your life and a wide variety of careers.   Everyone can succeed at math, although yes, some of us may need to make more of an effort than others.  For those with the greatest challenges, also come the greatest rewards.  I greatly enjoy guiding young people through a seeming complex subject using a variety of teaching and study techniques, and to make it more accessible and interesting to students with a wide range of abilities.


Personal Notes: My two joys in life are my family (married, with two boys) and outdoor adventures.   I enjoy competitive cycling, sailing in the Bay, and multi-day backpacking trips.  I also enjoy long walks anywhere in the Bay area, city or country, as well as other great destinations.