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Parent Education

PTSA Meeting and parent ed - april 16

Please join us for our PTSA association meeting on April 16, at 7pm in the library. Space is limited, first come first serve, no registration required! All are welcome, you do not have to be a PTSA member to attend the meeting.

Our very own DVHS Math teacher and a certified mindfulness practitioner, Vaishali Patel, will lead us through an interactive Mindfulness Workshop, focusing on Mindfulness Through Breath.

The workshop will include an interactive session to experience easy breathing technique and guided meditation that can help lower stress and attain clarity of mind.

  • Discover the Easy, Effective Approach to Mindfulness Through Breath.
  • Learn about the different tendencies of the mind.
  • Learn an ancient breathing technique to calm your mind and reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Experience guided meditation to attain peace and clarity of mind.

Mrs. Patel teaches Algebra 2 at DVHS. This is her second year here. She has been passionate about yoga since childhood. Her journey with Art of Living began in 2006. Art of Living is a non-profit organization. The goal of  the organization is to create a stress free violence free society. We do this by conducting workshops which teach mindfulness using simple techniques like the breath. She is an active volunteer with Art of Living and has been the lead organizer in many of their service projects and workshops. She has been practicing advanced breathing techniques since past 10 years and meditating since 6 years.

For more info on the non profit organization please visit:

Teen Dating Violence Workshop

The DVHS PTSA was pleased to present a "Teen Dating Violence Workshop" for parents and students on Tuesday March 19, 7-8:30pm in the Library, facilitated by SAVE.

During the preteen and teen years, young people are learning skills they need to form positive, healthy relationship with others, and it is therefore, an ideal time to promote healthy relationships and prevent patterns of teen dating violence that can last into adulthood.

We had approximately 80 parents and students who attended the teen dating violence presentation. We began with a common session for parents and students and then broke out into separate sessions for each (parents and students). The Teen Dating Violence (TDV) Workshop was designed to:

  • Help students and parents understand what is teen dating violence, how it is defined and how prevalent it is.
  • Generate an understanding of what healthy, unhealthy, and abusive characteristics in a relationship look like.
  • Help youth recognize the warning signs of abuse and identify the cycle of violence.
  • Discuss youth rights and resources.

The workshop covered the following 

  1. How to start the dating conversation to your student?
  2. Symptoms to look for in students to see if they are undergoing any distress around this subject
  3. Understand the relationship in youth 
  4. Warning signs for abuse 
  5. How to differentiate healthy and abusive relationship  

View the slide presentation here.

Challenges Young People Face Topics You Wish Adults Knew Warning Signs Warning Signs

SAVE Abuse Hotline

Family Transitions

Thank you to those that helped organize and/or attended our Family Transitions Workshop on March 26. A very special thank you goes out to DVHS Counselor Joe Ianora for speaking on this important topic. As promised, the materials from the presentation are available here to view or download.

Parent Ed: Family Transitions