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Summer Football Camp


Dear Football Parents - covid 2021 information

Thank you for your commitment to the Football program!

We have been given the green light to move forward with our Football season and things are going to ramp up quickly! We are going to do our best to keep you all updated as we get information so please read all the way through this communication and remain flexible as some things may change. 

Here is what we know so far….

  • The DVHS Football Coaching staff and Administration have decided to have one Varsity Team with all the players on it. This is the best decision for the number of players we have this year. Student athlete skill levels will be taken into consideration during practices to ensure the safety of our student athletes. There will be more information to come from the Athletic Department.

  • Our season officially begins March 1st.

  • There will be a Parent Meeting via zoom soon. We will let you know when it is   scheduled. 

  • Friday Feb 26th is Gear pick up. NO practice. Please be on time during your grade level time slot. Extremely important!  You must be cleared through Athletic clearance to receive your gear and be eligible to play.

Friday Feb 26th

Seniors  - please come @  3:15 

Juniors  - please arrive @ 3:35

Sophomore - please arrive @ 3:50pm

Freshman - please arrive @ 4:10pm

Players will be expected to pick up the following items and will sign off on what they have received. They will be held responsible for all their gear and will be expected to return the gear at the end of the season. All gear is received at no charge but the player will be billed for any items not returned at the end of the season. A form with the pricing for gear will be attached.

Gear will include:

 - Helmet 

 - Mouth Guard & strap

 - Pads

 - Practice Jersey

 - Practice Pants

 - Gear Bag

Many players have their own girdles, but If needed some players may chose to also pick up the items below. 

 - Girdle

 - Knee Pads

 - Thigh Pads

 - Hip Pads

1st Practice in helmet only is Saturday Feb 27th at 2:00pm. We want the players to get comfortable with their helmets before Monday, March 1st full practice begins.

Current Game Schedule

The schedule is still being finalized, but we want you to know that all games will be on Saturdays. Please note there will also practice and games over Spring Break.

  • There will be NO transportation provided for games. Each family is responsible to get their player to and from the game. No carpooling allowed. Just this season, a player who has a current driver license will be allowed to drive themselves. They must fill out and turn in the “Alternate Transportation” waiver if they will be driving themselves and they may not have any other player in their car. Request for Alternate Transportation

  • We do not know yet if spectators will be allowed. We will let you know as soon as there is an official word. 


Please register using the link above. Like every sport, we need financial help and support to have a successful program. We are asking this year for $470.00 per player. Our real cost is $535 per player and we hope to make up the difference with a Fundraiser and Spirit Wear sales. We are waiting on official word when we can start fundraising. Please be on the lookout in the school PTSA Newsletter and Facebook page for info on that. 

This donation covers all of the following:

  • All Fall conditioning programs up to this point

  • Game officials

  • Stipends for volunteer coaches at the end of the season (only the varsity head coach is paid by the district)

  • All the equipment listed above plus team equipment purchases or refurbishments

We have a smaller team this year and some of our usual revenues sources that we have had in the past will also be limited this year (i.e. gate receipts and snack shack) so it is even more important this year to get as many donations as we can. If you can’t make the full donation, please donate any amount you can since every penny is going to count. 

Do you know about Corporate Match? Your company may have matching funds for donations so please reach out to them for a matching donation if they do. If you are not sure you can email us directly and we are happy to help. 

Hopefully we have answered some of your questions, but please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to support you and your players through this season. 

Thank you from your team parents,

Mette Spears  and Rachel Ratcliff

Head Coach

Head Coach: Roberto Clemente

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