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July 20th, 2020 Update.

The CIF (California Interscholastic Federation of sport) released their updated 2020-2021 sports Calendar.  The State has modified the normal 3 sports season year to a 2 sports season schedule.   Once the CIF calendar was released our section - NCS (North Coast Section) released calendar 

The four high schools of the San Ramon Valley Unified School district will be working with the EBAL (East Bay Athletic League) and the district to clarify information, schedules and guidelines for the upcoming sports seasons.  As more information becomes available we will post  on this site.  

UPDATE 7/1/20

As of today we still do not have an answer on what the 2020-21 sports seasons will look like.  The CIF and NCS will be making decisions and an announcement will be made on July 20th. 

All Fall sports registration will open up as of today - sports physicals will be required for all sports.  Getting an appointment to renew or get a physical may be difficult to get at this time so the CIF has given a 30 day extension for all student athletes with a current sports physical on file that will be expiring.  Physical forms are located on the right hand side of this page 

Summer Conditioning Camps Register on

At this time football will be the only group meeting for conditioning.  If you are planning on attending you must complete go to and register for the 20-21 school year at Dougherty Valley and click on the summer 2020 registration.  

As other sports come on line we will update here on this page. 

UPDATE 6/8/20 - We have pulled Fall sports registration from the Athletic Clearance Site in order to make it clear we are only doing Summer Conditioning camp registration now.  As of 6/8/2020 we have been given clearance from the district to allow small group conditioning for our athletes.  Student athletes of DVHS will work with their coaching staffs to attend one of the conditioning camps offered. 

Football will begin 6/15/20 and coach Clemente is working with his coaching staff to ensure the 1 to 12 ratio is in place for current and incoming athletes.  If you have questions about camps student athletes should contact their coaches.  For incoming Freshman you can find coaches contact information on their sports websites or by emailing the athletic director Mrs. Miller

Due to current Covid 19 concerns our incoming freshman parent sports night has been canceled - Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help you.  To date we have no information on when athletics will resume - other then SRVUSD schools will be closed until further notice - Summer camps have been canceled and new information when it comes available will be posted.  


What sports are available and how do I sign up? is the website that we use to register students for each individual sport.  Students and parents create an account and register prior to the start of the sports season they are interested in.  Students are required to register for each individual sport - this is not a one and done system.  There are inherent risks for each sport so it is important that students register for the sports they are planning on trying out for. Once a student athlete has gone through the online registration they need to complete the process by bringing the signature page from and a current physical to the bookkeepers office to be cleared to try out. 

  1. Register on

  2. Bring signature form and current physical to the bookkeeper

  3. Email confirming clearance should be sent to the email used to create the account. (check you junk mail or spam filters)


When do you sign up?

Each sport has a season - Fall, Winter and Spring.  These seasons are determined at the state level and approved by the individual sections, leagues and school districts.  Registration is usually opened up 6 weeks prior to the start of that season.  Check the bottom of this page for seasons of sport. 

Can you try out for a sport you never played?

Yes, however we do have a very competitive program at DVHS and experience is recommended.  


Is it easy to get on a team or is there a hard try out?

Each sport has a tryout process.  Coaches have a rubric that they work with to determine who has the skills and ability to make a team.  Some programs are harder than others when it comes to tryouts because of the number of teams and/or the number of student athletes allowed in the program.  


Are there cuts in all sports?

At Dougherty Valley High School there are cuts in all sports.  Due to the size of our student body and the size of our coaching staff, we have to make cuts for the safety of our students. Unlike some local club programs, not everyone makes a team here at DVHS, however, there are many opportunities for students to be involved in the high school experience. 


How is play time determined? Will all kids play?

This is always a difficult one for people transitioning into a high school program from a club program.  Not all students selected for a team will see playing time.  Depending on the program and the positional needs, some players are selected to be a part of the program, but may not see much, if any, playing time.  We are not a pay to play program.  We do ask for a donation to help support our programs, however, playing time is determined by the coaches.  If a student athlete has questions about their playing time, they are encouraged to talk to their coach directly. 


Do you need a physical?

Yes a current physical must be on file in the bookkeepers office.  A physical is good for one calendar year.  A reminder will be emailed via website and the school a month prior to the physical expiring.  The link to a physical form is on the left hand column of this page.


How often are practices and what is the commitment level? 

Practices are unique to each program - the expectation is that all practices and games will be attended and are scheduled Monday - Friday and some sports Saturday.  Vacations should not be planned during any season of sport your child will be playing in.  


Can we go on vacation during the season?

During the season practices and games will still be scheduled based on the league and the state schedules.  It is encouraged to not schedule vacations during the season of sport, that includes Thanksgiving, Winter, & Spring Breaks. 


What is the purpose of Athletic Boosters? 

The DVHS Athletic Boosters is a charitable, non-profit organization that believes in promoting an athletics based campus that focuses on developing the whole child by supporting student-athletes. Its purpose is to work with the school administration as it relates to athletic programs, encourage enthusiastic support of Dougherty Valley High School athletics, and to contribute to the advancement and needs of athletic programs at the high school.  


What is the difference between donating to your specific sport and an Athletic Booster donation?

Team Donations go specifically to the sport your student athlete is playing and covers the cost of officials, assistant coaching staff, equipment, uniforms, awards, certificates and league fees. 


Athletic Boosters is an organization that helps support ALL sports teams - their fundraising efforts help with coaches grants, athletic trainers, supplies, senior scholarships and reconditioning of equipment. If you purchase an Athletic Booster Membership, in addition to helping all DVHS athletic programs, it also gives free access to DVHS gated sporting events (non NCS or tournaments). For membership information visit DVHS Athletic Boosters Membership.


Is there one sports donation per year or do you pay for each sport individually? 

(i.e. ~ If I donate in the Fall to Football do I need to donate again in Spring to Baseball?)

Unlike the middle school program we ask for a sports donation for each sport your child is participating in. Some programs cost more to run than others and in order to keep the cost down we ask for donations for each of our sports based on the need of that sport. 


If I donate to an individual sport, what does it pay for?

Funding from the district only covers the cost of a head coach at the varsity and JV level, all other costs must be covered by the program. These costs include but are not limited to: League fees, state fees, officials, coaching staff (assistants and freshman head coaches) Athletic Trainer, medical supplies, clerical staff support, uniform replacement cost, equipment.  Budgets for each sport are available on request and differ from sport to sport


Do coaches pay attention to grades and conduct off the field?

Yes.  Students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average and sign a code of conduct when registering for athletics.  If a student fails to meet the 2.0 they will be removed from the team.  Academic waivers are only available 1 time at the school site.  


Can we talk to the coaches? 

Parents are encouraged to have their student athletes talk to coaches if there is an issue, however, coaches contact information is available on the sports teams website.  If you need to contact a coach we recommend you can email them and/or make an appointment and not to try and talk to coaches during practices or games.  At this time, coaches may not have answers to current Covid questions.  


For up to date information you can check the following websites for answers 


North Coast Section Covid-19 Q&A


The EBAL Website


California Interscholastic Federation - Covid info sheet








East Bay Athletic League 

1130 Winton Drive 

Concord, Ca 94518  

April 6th, 2020

Dear East Bay Athletic League Community, 

There was a conference call this morning with the EBAL Board of Governors and athletic directors to discuss the current COVID-19 situation. The East Bay Athletic League has canceled all EBAL spring competitions.  Our hearts go out to all of the student athletes and coaches who will not be able to compete this spring, especially the senior student athletes. For any questions please contact your school directly. 




Leo Lopoz

East Bay Athletic League

Commissioner for Athletics

1130 Winton Drive

Concord, Ca 94518



Athletic clearance procedure

If you are planning on trying out for an athletic team you must be registered on, have a signed confirmation from and physical.

Sports registration for the 2019-20 school year will open up 6 weeks prior to the start of the sports season and can be turnied in to the bookkeepers office begining

Please make sure you register under the 2019-20 school year when you log into  

TryOut Dates by Sport for the 2019 2020 School Year



Begins: November 4th, 2019

Basketball, Boys': V, JV, F

Basketball, Girls': V, JV, F

Song Team

Wrestling, Coed: V, JV

Soccer Boys': V, JV, F

Soccer Girls': V, JV, F

Begins: Feb. 10 th 2020

Baseball: V, JV, F

Golf, Boys': V

Lacrosse, Boys': V, JV

Lacrosse, Girls': V, JV

Softball: V, JV

Swimming & Diving,  Boys': V

Swimming & Diving, Girls': V

Tennis, Boys': V, JV

Track & Field, Boys': V, FS

Track & Field, Girls': V, FS

Volleyball, boys': V, JV

Competitive Sport Cheer: V

Middle school students must be accompany by an adult to enter high school athletic events

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