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If you are planning on trying out for 2019 Fall Sports you must be registered on, have a signed confirmation from and physical.

Fall sports registration for the 2019-20 school year will open up on July 8th and can be turnied in to the bookkeepers office begining July 29th between the hours of 10am - 2pm. 

Please make sure you register under the 2019-20 school year when you log into  

TryOut Dates by Sport for the 2019 2020 School Year


Begins August 12th, 2019

Football: V, JV, F (Begins Aug 5th)

Cheerleading, Coed  Tryouts are in May of the 2018-29 school year

Volleyball, Girls: V, JV Tryouts will be in the main gym on Monday Aug. 12th at 3pm

Cross Country, Boys': V

Cross Country, Girls': V

Golf, Girls': V

Tennis, Girls': V Tryouts will be on the Tennis courts at 3pm on Monday Aug. 12th

Water polo, Boys' V, JV Tryouts will be held in the Aquatic Center on Monday Aug. 12th at 3pm

Water polo, Girls': V, JV  Tryouts will be held in the Aquatic Center on Monday Aug. 12th at 3pm


Begins: November 4th, 2019

Basketball, Boys': V, JV, F

Basketball, Girls': V, JV, F

Song Team

Wrestling, Coed: V, JV

Soccer Boys': V, JV, F

Soccer Girls': V, JV, F

Begins: Feb. 3rd 2020

Baseball: V, JV, F

Golf, Boys': V

Lacrosse, Boys': V, JV

Lacrosse, Girls': V, JV

Softball: V, JV

Swimming & Diving,  Boys': V

Swimming & Diving, Girls': V

Tennis, Boys': V, JV

Track & Field, Boys': V, FS

Track & Field, Girls': V, FS

Volleyball, boys': V, JV

Competitive Sport Cheer: V

Christina Urena
Christina Urena Female Athlete of the year for the Danville Rotary 
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