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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

Join the Conversation! Through the Digital Citizenship initiative, the San Ramon Valley Unified School District is committed to educating students, staff, and the community on the effective, ethical and safe use of online and digital tools. As an SRVUSD Digital Citizenship Committee partner, SDigital Citizenshipan Ramon Valley Council of PTAs helps to raise awareness about Digital Citizenship and increase family engagement in positive online habits. Did you know everything posted online leaves behind a footprint? A few of the ways we can shape this digital footprint are: 

* Thinking before we post

* Checking privacy settings

* Deactivating and deleting

* Searching ourselves online 
To make it easy for everyone to participate in the Digital Footprint conversation, SRVUSD has created a website, and a toolkit for schools, students, and parents. This webpage has ideas of how to get involved, as well as sample messaging and images. Sign-up for the "Digital SRVUSD" updates, including a recent article on how to set up parental control on your home network, and more -- visit

Principal's Corner:

Parenting in a Digital World

As part of the DVHS Digital Citizenship initiative, the DVHS Admin and PTSA are partnering to provide informative and sometimes thought and discussion provoking content for your consideration.

Check out this recent article from the Washington Post, "What teens wish their parents knew about social media."